Latest Features of Automated Joomla to WordPress Migration with CMS2CMS

18 September 2013

Bangalore: CMS2CMS, a young but by now broadly known automated website migration tool, has built sturdy features for migration from Joomla to WordPress and is pleased to share the news with the world.

CMS2CMS developers’ team is continually working to develop customer migration experience, based on their feedback and suggestions. So, an entire set of new features voted for by patrons have been added to meet their needs and get rid of migration risks and fears.

Content Migration:

- Pages

Data from static pages (like About us page) will be moved into corresponding WordPress pages.

- Articles

All the articles from Joomla are converted into WordPress posts.

- Categories/Sections

The relations between them are preserved, after migration posts will belong to the same category they did before.

- Content Images

Images are moved to WordPress with the posts they belonged to on Joomla site.

- User Data

Users’ details are migrated including their username, email etc.

- Internal Links

The site navigation is preserved after migration, so links to migrated site content will be live.

- Comments

As out-of-the-box Joomla doesn’t support comments, they are migrated from JComments extension directly into WordPress.

SEO Migration:

Since losing rankings and SEO juice after website migration is the most important worry among website owners, CMS2CMS did their best to lessen any negative effects after Joomla to WordPress transfer.

- SEO URLs migration

All internal links will be formed accordance to the structure a user defines on the new WordPress site (this is optional).

Note. It is needed that a client configures custom URL structure before the migration for this option to work as desired.

- SEO data migration

At the moment, it’s possible to migrate meta keywords and descriptions from sh404SEF Joomla extension into WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin (it has to be installed on WordPress site prior to initiating migration).

- Automated 301 Permanent Redirects

As an alternative, clients can choose to receive a set of redirect rules generated for their specific websites to insert into their configuration file. This is the best practice for preserving rankings and traffic after migration.

Module Data Migration:

As mention above, the following modules are supported:

- JComments - directly into WordPress

- sh404SEF (meta keywords and descriptions) - into WordPress SEO by Yoast

- Phoca Gallery (images and galleries) - into NextGen Gallery.

Lastly, to make the matter simpler, CMS2CMS presents a plugin for Joomla to WordPress migration obtainable for download at WordPress repository.

Why use CMS2CMS to Migrate from Joomla to WordPress?

- It’s fast (5 min setup and 15 minutes average migration)

- It’s easy to use for clients with no technical expertise

- It has 24/7 support available

- It saves time and efforts for migration

- It has free Demo available

CMS2CMS Special Offer

As a bonus for new clients, there’s a 10% discount provided for users who are performing their first migration.

Find more details about Joomla to WordPress migration with this service here.

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